My name is Jeremy.  Come check out my poetry and stories.  I hope you enjoy what you read.  Writing is something I love to do and I hope to get into the novel writing business.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeremy, I’d like to give you some feedback that I hope will aid in your career quest. The story line of the first two “God’s Chosen” books is quite creative and intriguing. I look forward to reading the next one.

    I read the Kindle versions and, though I suspect you’ve heard this before, there are an incredible number of disconcerting formatting problems in them. Serious editing is needed because there are quite a few spelling errors and word usage problems. Perhaps before you publish the next book, I hope these problems will be taken care of.

    I think your primary target audience is teen and young adult, although I enjoyed the stories and I’m 66. The encouragement you give teens and young adults to live a chaste Christian life is wonderful and greatly needed. Your very human characters display their commitment to Christ mainly by example, not proselytizing.

    Shoule you need some editing help with the next book, I’d be pleased to provide it. I have a lot of editing experience and would be glad to assist you. I figure it would be a win-win situation… I get to read the book before anyone else — for free — and you get the editing you need — for free.

    Warm regards,
    Catherine Thomas

  2. Jeremy: Oops!I caught my own typo. “Shoule [should] you need some editing…”

    Catherine Thomas

  3. Great! I look forward to receiving your drafts. Don’t have to send it all at once.

    Cathy Thomas

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