My book is finally here!

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My novel GOD’S CHOSEN: STAND AND FIGHT can now be purchased



•January 30, 2010 • 2 Comments

You’re quite a mystery to behold

veiled in seductive beauty

that’s quietly fierce

yet tender, vulnerable,

and full of intricacy

that I’m desperate to decipher.

I stare upon such divinity

that I dare not break my gaze

of this brilliant splendor

that’s full of radiance,

hope, and peace-

things that I long to possess.

I pledge my devotion

To pursue you relentlessly,

fight valiantly for your love,

and to be by your side

for all eternity-

always loving you passionately.



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I was enthralled by you

When you came into my life

You rearranged everything

Turned it all upside down

And showed me a love

I couldn’t resist

Thought I’d seen brilliance

Until I met you that day

I became fallen for you

Stunned by your gorgeousness

You’re quite dangerous

You’ve captured my heart

So what am I to do

I’ll keep loving that sweet face

Those precious eyes and sweet lips

That pearly white smile

That’s what keeps me hooked

It brings me such warmth